From a perfectly formed small web presence to a full blown e-commerce shopping extravaganza.

Your website is your shop window, whatever service you offer it’s important that a client understands what you do and how you could improve their situation with a product or service.

It can be as important as saying too much. We can help you communicate with your client, giving them the key information at the right time – if that can be done with a bit of a show to add that extra class, then why not?

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This display of creativity could be the difference to closing a sale or delivering that understanding and connection. You then have the opportunity to grow with that client as they explore your offering further.

We must not forget that your website needs to be adaptable to the mobile revolution. What’s the use of a beautiful web presence that can’t be seen on a mobile device? The user experience is hampered by pinching, pulls and drags of the screen, finished off with a squint at a result they have had to work hard to find.

With the dawn of the tablets and smart phones it is essential that a user experience is seamless whatever device they decide to use. Movements and choice should be effortless with no confusion or disappointment.

That’s why all our solutions are built using a responsive platform that can detect the device being used and reorganise content accordingly. Giving you a consistent and creative platform to show off your story.

The benefit of a website that works on all devices will save you money – less man hours spent on maintaining your information and less time spent developing multiple sites for specific platforms or devices.

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Perhaps you have a website that is just not what you are looking for or isn’t bringing the hits that you expected it to. There are numerous UK web design companies, but if you are looking for experience, someone who will work with you to create the perfect website for you and your company, then Step Change Media is your only choice.

In this day and age, it’s incredibly important to find the right graphic design UK company. More and more people are turning to shopping online and if they find your website lacking in functionality, it could cause you to get the initial hits that you are looking to achieve, but not the sales. A confusing website layout is one of the main aspects that can turn away potential consumers when it comes to online sales, but with our help, customers and sales will add up quickly.

Another key feature that must flow flawlessly is the actual checkout process. Step Change Media will implement one of the smoothest buying processes for your customers, allowing for ease of access that your customers will thoroughly enjoy. Happy customers are not only more likely to purchase more in one go, but also more likely to return.

Our website design UK based company also allows you ease of access for yourself should you feel the need to make minor adjustments to the website. The layouts are simple and easy to follow and minor adjustments and tweaks are easy to make.

Step Change Media allows customers to have a website that responds to the browser that your customer is using. By this, we mean that if your customer is looking to show off your cool new website to a friend via their phone, they will find that our web design UK team has really hit the mark on transferring your website from a computer format down to a size and feel more fitting to mobile devices like tablets and smart phones.

Not all web designer UK companies also work on the content of your website, but it’s an incredibly important aspect that Step Change Media focuses very well on. We are well versed when it comes to SEO content writing. This sort of content is catered to bring up your website at the top of a Google search. With Google’s latest update, it’s more important than ever for websites to be perfectly catered to both customers and Google’s new requirements for reaching the top of the list on a simple search.

We understand that terms like SEO and White Hat or Black Hat can be incredibly confusing and are willing to work with you to show you exactly how what we are writing works to fit both the needs of your company and Google’s search engines.

If you are looking for a web designer who will work with either an old website that does not hit the mark for your company or is willing to start from scratch and build a new website from the ground up. We will work with you to not only provide a website that suits yours and your customer’s wishes, but, if you so choose, content that will ensure you are in the top spot in a Google search pertaining to your website’s content.